IMG_3217 copy


IMG_1739 copyThe State Bicycle Co. Contender right out the box.

annnnd THIS is how I’ll be rocking it ONLY on FULLMOON BIKERIDES

(no way I’d ride with a megaphone behind me all the time)

IMG_3217 copy IMG_3223 copy IMG_3225 copy IMG_3226 copy IMG_3234 copy IMG_3242 copy IMG_3243 copy IMG_3250 copy

I gotta admit, I’ve only ridden aluminum bikes and the State Bicycle Co. Contender is my first steel bike. Right off the bat, I could not believe how cushy the ride was. The comfort of the steel frame is undeniable. I totally get it now when people say, “Steel is real.” Compared with aluminum frames, this bike almost felt like it had a bit of suspension.

The Contender is a blank canvas. I left the bike completely stock for about a week or so and rode it all around San Diego. After a few days, I switched some parts to make it my own, and I was absolutely blown away. The minor changes I made were Hold Fast straps to Fly Bikes Pedals, ThickSlick tires, and Profile Design bullhorn bars. The major changes I made were a suicide lever, and a megaphone to help my little voice guide all the AWLF’s behind me on FULLMOON BIKERIDES. Yes, the megaphone totally effects my handling, but the brake helps out a bit and it all makes me ride at a pace that everyone and everybike can enjoy.

The way this whip handles ( without a megaphone ) is immaculate. Nothing too steep, nothing too mellow, just a great A-B ride. See, I look at my bike as my car. I haven’t owned a car in more than seven years, so this bike is my main source of transportation. I’m not looking for the lightest, most high-tech components, and I’m not looking for a showstopper that could get picked off when I leave it locked up somewhere. I’m just looking for a great bike that can handle daily abuse. The Contender completely meets these needs. It’s even drilled for a rear rack, which I’ll be using for some super long rides down the coast in a few months.

All in all, you really can’t go wrong with the Contender (MSRP $649). I’d recommend this chariot to anyone looking for a sturdy fixed gear that won’t break the bank. All the components are top notch (sealed everything + carbon fiber fork) but easily upgradeable to anything you want. This bike would make a great daily cruiser or even a decent track bike. It’s all up to you and your style.

If you’re in the market for a fresh build, cruise over to State Bicycle Co. to check out all the specs of this great complete.


So I’ve had this bike for a year now. I still can ONLY speak the utmost highest of this whip.

This bike has been on EVERY ride hosted under The Awarewolfs name as well as almost ALL my daily rides. Even that 227 mile ride I did last year was on this bike. I’ve gone through some tires of course, scored a fresh set of Hold Fast straps, added super wide MTB bars, a cup holder, and added State Bicycle Co.’s City Front Basket. Other than that though, this bike is entirely stock STILL and has had ZERO major break downs catastrophes. My bottom bracket is shot and creeks but once I put headphones on the problem seems to go away..

IMG_7217 IMG_7234

Oh, and the megaphone from above broke before it ever got to be used!


  1. I have a state contender frame with the state carbon fork, she’s a bit heavy with the shitty stock rims, and that s100 crank/ power spline bottom bracket is crap.

    So I upgraded to an omnium crank, kmc half link chain, dura ace cog, FSA sealed headset, cinelli DNA seatpost, stem, and bars, thickslick tires, and a fizik saddle.

    Honestly this bike turns heads and breaks necks. It’s fast and smooth as hell, and she seems to be really holding up. I’d reccomend buying the frame, as the geometry is nice, the paint is good, and it’s durable. Just don’t buy the complete bike, you’ll end up replacing everything but the frame and fogrk. Next thing to buy is a new set of wheels..

    • Scott, you’re describing EXACTLY what this bike is MEANT to be – upgrade-able. It’s a blank canvas. A great bike for the price. A great bike to for someone new to riding and a great bike for some one to build up how they want. Sounds like you’re happy with it, you just want ‘premium’ components. xoxo

  2. Hi, awesome review. Totally want one of these. What is the stock weight and what is yours weighing in at now? I’m looking into getting the large 59cm frame.

    • Thanks! The Contender has been suuuuch a great bike. The large size weighs about 21 pounds. Mine can’t weigh much more/less as I’ve only swapped a few parts out.

  3. Hey thanks for the awesome review, I’m definitely considering grabbing one of these for myself. I have a question about the original Pursuit Handlebars. If wrapped in grip tape, can they be used in an upright grip near the stem? Or do you still have to lean forward and hold the handles at the end of the bars?

    • Hello Nolan! Yeah absolutely you can tape all the way to the stem and then ride with your hands on the top. If stock, you’ll just be holding bare metal which I personally feel is super uncomfortable but some kids ride their bars untaped all the time. Hope that helps!

  4. How’s the bike holding up? I’ve ordered one in red, trying to read as much as possible until it arrives. Great review btw.

    Also, what models are your lights and that seatpost looks rad!

    • It’s holding up GREAT. STILL. I’m moving soon and will be selling my other bike cause I ride the Contender all the time! Those are Knog Skink lights and thanks yeah I wish that seatpost megaphone woulda worked out haha

  5. what manufacturer is your suicide lever? I’m thinking I want to put one on mine, how do you like it compared to a traditional brake?

    • Eh its just some cheap mountain bike lever. Its for oversized bars. I had to put a little shim in between the lever and the frame to make it work but it holds just fine. It def takes a second to get used to but its really not that bad. I don’t really like things on my bars or cables looking all gross on my bike so I def think that it covers fashion and function. I totally recommend it if you got pretty good bike control.

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