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“we were a pack. not a mass.”

quite possibly one of the mellowest most awesome rides.
i cant believe how tight we kept it. we were like a wolf pack!

we started at pioneer park and decided to keep it up on the hill and not go downtown or to the beach. just exploring all the ins and making sure not to miss any of the outs of balboa park. how awesome that we got to take advantage of the park. we were able to dip around corners and there were almost no cars or pedestrians in sight. the place was so silent and the moon was all up in the sky all epiccccc.

flat tire in the parking lot led to the first ever official impromptu RACE! ten brave souls trusted eddie kon with a course that he conjured up in is brain and then booked it as fast as they could! two laps, race to the death.

we then rode to mandatory city liquor to get some energy drinks to drink at the suspension bridge. just picture a bunch of riders on a suspension trying to make it sway, and jamming to a harmonica.

thats when most rolled out either home or to the organ pavilion back in balboa park.

twas such a rad ride. thanks for keeping it suuuuper safe.
i think everyone really liked this ride cause of how knit we were. we should do that again sometime.

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