My lady an I recently planned a trip to cruise back to her home of Long Island, but we decided to plan a 10 hour layover in SF just so we could go play with TEAM IRONS for the day. we were able to hit up MISSION WORKSHOP for some major inspiration. Companies like MW make me so stoked. Its awesome to know that it IS possible to make awesome products in the states (or as close to the states as possible). As much as Mission is looked at as a cycling brand, they are beginning to make their image known in the apparel scene. Their product is so dialed, so clean, and so made in the glorious USA or Canada as it should be. The new ‘ARKIV’ system bags look so versatile and clean also. You can take away parts of the bag so you’re not always lugging around a huge bag, but also add parts to the bag if you feel you need it like a waist band, laptop case, tool case and such. Holler and thanks to ray for talking to us and giving us a good scoop on whats up with Mission.

We also got to hit up ZEITGEIST for a brew. Cash only, rock only, jukebox playing, slice of heaven. Rumor has it critical mass started there back in the day. Zeitgeist is a perfect place for the cigarette smoking, tattoo having, bike riding, and beer fiending individual.

Then topped of the day to get some cheap beers at a sketch bar in Chinatown so we could sleep on the plane. Chinatown freaks me out. I will never ever EVER forget the time I was like eight and saw some fool sling a split open pig out of a truck over his shoulder then walk into a store that had straightup fully deep fried ducks dangling in the window. Scared for ever.

THATS how you do san fran in a day.

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