Where to start with Interbike..

Its fun/horrible/stressful/busy/dirty/blurry/amazing/inspiring/AWESOME. ITS A WEEK IN LAS VEGAS. Interbike for a week in Vegas is where boys become men and men become manlier men. Its a lot of work and even more money to have a booth there. The entire production really amazes me. Drunk old dudes on forklifts blasting around The Sands convention center with crates of bikes while sketchy truckers help you build your booth only to have the entire convention disappear in three days.

I want to thank LEADER BIKES for allowing me to tag along with them again (fourth year running now). I seriously feel so blessed about the whole situation. This year was by far the most organized. Everyone at Leader did their job great and the new bikes look super clean. Leader can only go up and the crew seems to all have the same mindset to make it happen. The photos are just tip of the iceberg for how much fun we all had and all the work that went into this production. This post would be waaaaay too long if I posted all the photos at once so check back for more in the coming week.

Hey Sal and everyone at Leader, THANK YOU SO MUCH. Good game.


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