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Good. Clean. Fun. We met up at Embarcadero South in San Diego. Probably about 30 wolfs.Gave a little speech about where exactly the name “AWARE WOLF” came from and read a little line I conjured up before the ride at my house that went something like : “The moon itself does not give light; it gets it’s light from the sun.Tonight, let’s help the moon out and consider our life little suns.”We rode off. Right off the bat we got split up and rendezvoused at guess where? The liquor store. We then rode to Sefton Park which is Little League Park where there are three Little League fields at the end of a culdesac along the San Diego River. Super secluded. There was kind of barely enough light to kind of barely play kickball.My team won. Somehow. It was about 73% luck.Fashion Valley was so close and the parking garage there has huuuuuge banks that are suuuuuuper lit up. Randy and I went almost undefeated in a handball-with-a-kickball-bounce-before-it-hits-the-wall- game. Bout 2 AM snuck up on us and I guess I was on a good one cause I was definitely ‘under the weather’ the next day.THANKS TO ALL WHO CAME OUT! next one will be OCTOBER 29th.

2 thoughts on “FULLMOON BIKERIDE 9.29

  1. Possibly it’s per day of extended playing for your kid, or possibly a day full of physical operate or perhaps fun activities of sun and fun, but no matter the reasoning, the occasional snoring session not merely is tolerable by the rest from the household, but even somewhat organic as a result of very deep sleeping patterns that come about with occasional over exertions.

  2. That’s my boy! Ride that bike, kick that ball. Charlie, I love your spirit, don’t ever change.

    From Lakeside,
    your Mom!

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