october is breast cancer awareness month and for this upcoming ride on october 29th, we will be taking donations to go towards breast cancer research. even if you are not coming out on the ride but would like to donate, you may below in five dollar increments.


with your donation you will be entered in to win a LEADER735.
anyone can win, you don’t even have to come on the ride!

thank you so much in advance and know that even if you don’t win,

your donation will go to such a good cause. thank you in advance.

5 thoughts on “WIN A LEADER 735!

  1. Aloha from Hawaii! Been riding fixed since I live in CA in the 90’s and Im glad to see it blew up so hard…even down here in PARADISE! I donated twice cause first & foremost…I LOVE THE BOOBIES THAT FEED MY 3 SONS & I hate/love seeing my 11 year old hop on my Leader!! It’s time to get that boy a LEADER of his own. I hope that double donation helps my chances, if not its all good!!!! FOR BOOOBIES!

  2. Heey there my name is Alex , I’m 15 years old and I been riding for like 2years . I would like to have a leader I wish my hope to all my family and friends to win this leader 735 I hope I win (: pick me please (:

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