I hate politics. I hate talking about politics. But I have this outlet and I’m gonna let my opinion fly.

Let us just LOOK at the two primary candidates.

Obama vs Romney.

Obama: Black (kinda), young, different, handsome as a greek god, and he was all about CHANGE. He sure LOOKED like change. Four years ago we all wanted CHANGE. Now, a lot of people are done with the change and are gasping for ‘The Wonder Years’ life and mindset to come back. Enter,

Romney: LOOKS like a politician, LOOKS like he knows whats up, LOOKS like your iconic wealthy Ward Cleaver, LOOKS exactly how Obama doesn’t.

Does anyone out there not think that Romney and Obama were and are¬†strategically placed to be your “president”. No candidate that will ever run will I EVER EVER trust and think that they can sincerely turn this country around. I’m challenging you to think that does Obama or Romney REEEEEALLY means everything they are saying? Do you entirely trust that they will do all they say? I know I don’t trust any of them at ALL. I just straight up don’t. Even if I got the chance to meet them face to face, I would not believe a word that they would tell me about all the changes they’ll make.


This year, I’m voting for myself. I think I could do a better job than any of the candidates. I think YOU could do a better job than any of the candidates. If you don’t think you can do the job, vote for someone you think could. Vote for your friend, your husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, neighbor, local activist, just anyone you think could do the job the way you would want to see it done.

I’m putting myself out there with this post and I am no expert on politics, but I am an expert on living and what it takes to see the sun come up another day. I’ll probably get a lot of negative response from this post but you know what? I really don’t care. I’m registered as ‘I decline to state a political party’ for a reason and have all the right to blast it in your face.

speak your peace:

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