Matt and Marcus really out did themselves.

I had no idea that there was going to be a trail that everyone had to run through lined with skeletons, and candles. You had to carry your bike and super carefully navigate thorough trail super overgrown with trees running in between houses. Then you hop on your bike and book it up to the AWLF meet up for the FULLMOON BIKERIDE in Pioneer Park.

Tyson got first and nearly beat Matt’s DRIVING. It was insane.

Thanks to everyone how DID the alleycat. Matt, Marcus and I super appreciate it. Stay tuned cause they’ll be another one post apocalypse.

For the FULLMOON BIKERIDE we rode waaaay faster than normal. Sorry? We rode along the harbor up to Point Loma, made a stop at Liberty Station, beer stop, then the final six headed off to Sunset Cliffs where we lost one en route but gained another with Preston meeting up at the cliffs.




Good game everyone who came out. Thanks so much. The next one is going to be awesome. Watch.

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