This is going to be a good one. Swear.

Meeting up at Ward Canyon Park, we’ll guide you on a well-lit bicycle journey from Kensington to Point Loma.

Using only stars and streetlights as guides, we will ride by about ten of the neighborhood neon street signs.

We are a pack though. Not a mass.

Let’s keep this ride tight and safe.

LINK TO ALMOST EXACT ROUTE : http://app.strava.com/activities/30956631

5 thoughts on “FULLMOON / NEON BIKERIDE!

    • Tiffany, we actually didn’t take any photos from the neon ride cause we filmed a lot of it instead. We’re working on a video! 🙂

      • Oh nice, I can’t wait to see it!! That was my first ride with you guys, I had a blast!!! Max and I just moved out of state, to Arkansas, we were thinking about getting a riding group together, but no body rides out here, it is crazy!! we are in the Ozark mountains and it is a completely different ride, the air is so thin, so instead of being able to ride 20+ miles in San Diego, the most we have done is 6 miles…maybe…but when we come back for a visit (probably planed around a full moon ride) our cardio will be insane lol. 😀

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