IMG_7518 copy


IMG_7535 copy


IMG_7565 copy


IMG_7573 copy


IMG_7580 copy


IMG_7595 copy


IMG_7612 copy

Phoenix’s fancy bridge that changes color.

IMG_7641 copy

The meet up at Tempe Beach Park. From here we rode to downtown Phoenix to start the scavenger hunt.

IMG_7658 copy

On the back of these spoke cards was the manifest of everything the team had to take photos of.

IMG_7670 copy

All the teams lined up before the race started.

IMG_7671 copy

Blurry, but, GO!

IMG_7682 copy

All the teams taking off. They had one hour to take all the photos.

IMG_7690 copy

1st place got a hat, AWLF beanie, State bottle opener, and either bars or a rim set from Leader! 2nd place got to fight over a hat, bars, beanie, and a bottle opener. The best team name won a pair of gloves each. I think the Persian Ponies or something won?

IMG_7691 copy


IMG_7693 copy


IMG_7699 copy

So long Tempe. Thanks for the hospitality.

    Leader bikes helped us get out to Tempe Arizona to help throw the FMBR x LOOPS69 scavenger hunt ride with State Bicycles. When State and I first started talking about doing the ride, I was envisioning a hot night bike ride in a tank top and boardshorts riding out to the middle of the desert where we could drink a bunch of beers and play like eight games of dodgeball under this super amazing awesome full moon desert landscape night sky where you can see the milky way and all the stars and its just epic no matter what way you look at it. NOPE. We got rain almost the entire time. Well kudos Arizona riders. I was stoked to see how many people came out! We never took an official count but I’d guess it was about 25 or so. We did a group ride from Tempe Beach Park in the rain over to downtown Phoenix to start the race.

We had five teams do the race and first place did it in about 20 minutes which was absolutely amazing! Second came in about 15 minutes later. We did a group ride back to Tempe Beach Park and even though it wasn’t raining on the ride back, it sure was a sketchy ride back where we saw a car crash and three people in our pack slipped on the train tracks and ate it. It was gnarly.

Everyone was saying we were going to go to Boulder’s afterwards to get some beers and ironically enough, it was literally RIGHT across the street from our Motel. We went back to the motel real quick to change into dry clothes and went to Boulder’s to top off the night with some beers and foods.

Good game Arizona. Thanks Leader Bikes for helping us get out there and thanks to State Bicycle Co for all the hospitality and showing us a great time. If all goes according to planned, this next full moon on February 25th, we’ll be throwing another race in a different city. What’s up San Fransisco?

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