This ride is going to be a POKER group ride.

Medium paced, one lane, as safe as conditions permit as always BUT, $5 and you can get in on the poker game we’ll have going on. We will be doing about a 20 mile loop and making 4 stops. At each of the stops (if you decided to buy in – you don’t HAVE to buy in to go on the ride) you will get a new card. At the last stop, whoever has the best hand will win a juicy pot / prizes!

A lot of you have asked to have something you own printed or if you can buy something off the site then have it brought to the ride. Well, there literally will be an order form where you can have two options.

#1 ORDER – There will be an order form where we can talk out how exactly you want your shirt, hoodie or tank top. We can pick a shirt color, ink color, size, image, front / back, everything. $20 for a tee $40 for a hoodie. No shipping if you choose this.

#2 BRING SOMETHING – I’ll screen print the image you choose on anything (within reason) you want. $5 and just bring the item you want printed with you, I’ll take it, print it, ship it out to you. Once again, we can talk out where, what color, and everything with where I’ll print the image(s) you choose.

Check out the AWLF store here :

We have the ability to print any of the designs on anything you want (within reason). Anything like a tank top, T shirt, hoodie, vest, sweater etc we can print so get to think on what you would want printed with something AWLF.


FULLMOON BIKERIDES or FMBR for short, is group bicycle ride format that takes place on every full moon regardless of the day of the week the full moon lands on. It is a great way to stay in tune with the lunar calendar and also a consistent occasion that makes you get off your couch and go ride your bike.

“Anyone and anybike can do it.”

The ride is a medium paced ride where AWLF urges everyone involved to obey ALL the rules of the road and be as aware as possible with your surroundings. We do our best to wait up for everyone and make sure we all stay in a tight pack. We will make a few stops and normally we ride about 15 miles. Anyone on a bicycle is welcome to come out but a fixed gear, road bike, or mtn bike is the best to keep up with the pack.

“We are a pack, not a mass.”

The group ride is a free and all ages event and “anthing” you brint is totally bring it at your own risk. Although NOT required to do the ride, helmets and brakes are required by law in most states. If you crash, THEAWAREWOLFS claims no responsibility for any injuries that happen from a THEAWAREWOLFS associated ride.

Check out the AWLF store here :

Check out more info for the FULLMOON BIKERIDE here:

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