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This is what we did in FEBRUARY 2013 in San Diego.

Four flat tires between two people.


So we cruised up to DD and Antonio showed up with a flat. We got chilled on our coffee and fixed the flat then rolled out. Before we could even get a half mile away, I got a flat on my front tire.

Pause. Lemme paint a picture for you. I already was up super late the night before this ride fixing a flat in my front tire so that’s two tubes in 12 hours for me. Now I’m on my third. So we tended the wounds and got back on the road. Right from the get go we lost Joe and Rosana. Apparently this was Rosana’s first time riding a bike with brakes / gears!

Noah was waiting for us at Swami’s where we recharged then got back on the road again. Exactly where we were going to stop, Antonio nailed the train tracks and got ANOTHER flat in the same tire right as Joe was calling me to get a ride in the van up the monster hill coming up.

We got to the top of Torrey Pines at the Glider Port for the last check point before we get back downtown and lo and behold, I’ve got another flat in my front tire. SO. Antonio and I got a ride home from there.

Can’t say much else about the ride cause I wasn’t there.

Can say though that I can’t wait for the next one which will be on March 23rd!

Thanks everyone who cruised out! Good game and good spirit.

Also, thanks Leader for letting us use the trailer!

If you wanna get a ticket for the next DDDT, go to this link : HERE

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One thought on “PHOTOS : DDDT2/23!

  1. after we left torrey pines we rode downtown and i split off at old town to stop by a liquor store then rode back to chula vista stopping in seaport village on the way and everything went smooth for me

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