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IMG_8556 copy IMG_8563 copy IMG_8569 copy IMG_8580 copy IMG_8636 copy IMG_8640 copy IMG_8654 copy

So ^ was the winning hand.

A pair of the Ace’s of Clubs. That’s what you get when you play two deck!

Well, we met up at Old Trolley Barn Park and everyone bought in who wanted to get in on the poker action. The way it worked was there was a $5 buy-in then along the route there were five stops and at each stop you got a new card. At the end, whoever had the best hand, won some cash! Dustin won with his pair of aces. He also bent the bars on his Mixie at one of the stops (see above). Now he can use that money to get some new bars!

Only two flats on this ride. That’s two less than the DDDT… Someday THEAWAREWOLFS will have a ride with no flats. Square and Jordan were the lucky ones who got the flats. Square got his fixed by Richie Ditta of Brooklyn Bikes, Jordan walked home.

All in all, good ride. We did about a 20 something mile loop up and down all kinds of hills. Did anyone out there Strava it? I’d love to see the exact stats. We took some really rad secluded routes with some awesome views. We kept our pack super tight and safe, stopping at all lights and abiding by the rules of the road as best we could.

Thanks everyone who came out! The next FMBR is gonna be on March 25th. A WEDNESDAY!

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