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IMG_9155 copy

WOW. Best DDDT yet!

Thomas was late to the meet up cause the trolley sucks but that was alright because James had his lock ring come loose on the ride to the meetup. A lock wrench was the one tool I didn’t bring so he went over to The Recyclery to tighten his lock ring. Met back up with James on Broadway then headed up to DUNKIN Y’ALL! The grub was spectacular and the coffee was freshly brewed for us. Bliss. The sun popped out of the sky while we were gearing up so we had a clear sky ALL RIDE HOME. T-shirt and shorts weather in MARCH. Only in San Diego right?

When we were at our first checkpoint, this kid Joel was riding by and turned out to be super good friends with a few kids on our ride. How amazing to be way up at Swamis, just happening to seeing your friend who is just so happening to be doing a 50 mile bike ride which just so happens to be in the same direction as you at the exact same time? Totally took 16 year old Joel under the DDDT wing and found out he’s super good friends with people I know also but in a way that has nothing to do with bikes. WOAH. What a small world right?!

We all stuck together pretty well and only got one flat which might be a new record. We also might have set our own personal best time on the ride home. We left at 11:30 and we all got back downtown at I think like 5:15. That’s with a stop in Point Loma for lunch/dinner of course. Preston was “King of the Torrey Pines Hill” this time and so give him a high five when you see him next.

Thanks Jamie for my rad doughnut socks! Thanks also Noah (our driver, who is also in the punk band Rat City Riot) for dealing with me/us and being so awesome with meeting us at the checkpoints. Thank you so dang much for everyone who was a part of it. If you liked doing it, or like reading about it and seeing these photos, please spread the word! That’s the only way these awesome rides can get even awesomer! Cause just for the record, I don’t make ANY money off these rides so the $20 ticket that you buy to get in on the ride LITERALLY pays for this ride to even happen.

This one was definitely the best one yet. Can’t wait for the next one..


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