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That was one of the best Full Moon Bike Rides EVER.

I feel like I’ve been saying that after every ride we do lately. These things really are just getting better and better. I think at least.

Started in Old Trolley Barn Park (can we just call it OTBP from now on?! Initials make everything better.) and when we left the park we headed east down Adams. I had a little 4-5 mile route planned that led us on some super secluded, buttery, curvy, and fast streets. JWLF got 7th on one segment in Strava on this ride hahaha So we rode the route I had in mind, it was so fun that the consensus was, “let’s just go back the exact same way!” When we did, and RIGHT when we ended the curvy fun part and got back out on to Adams, BAMS! a liquor store! How perfect?! Beer stop, all of us tried to catch the bus to the next stop but the driver wouldn’t let us on! He said there is noooo way he could let 20+ bikes on. PSH whatever man. Bike rights and stuff. (disclaimer : JUST KIDDING times 54,083) So we rode to Bird Park about a mile or two down the road and found a suuuuuper secluded spot where we could all lurk in the shadows and not be bothered. That spot also has a super rad view of downtown!

So I’m thinking about fine tuning this route a little bit, then maybe doing a race on it next Full Moon? Then the group ride? Anyone reading this have any ideas? Any companies out there wanna help out and get your product in a rad market? Holler at! Let’s talk it out.

Thanks everyone for coming out! Such a perfect ride. OH! and NO FLATS!!! We did it teiam!

The next FULLMOON BIKERIDE (FMBR) will be on


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