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IMG_9938 copy

^^^ That guy won an AWLF sample beanie cause he had the best stache FER SHER.

Showed up at 5&ADIME with an always trusty Del Taco Fiesta Pack. Pounded three 1/2 lb bean and cheese burritos RED while we waited for everyone to show up. Jordan was trying to get me to eat all six burritos but that dude is nuts. No way Jose. Mom and pop 5&ADIME were there holding down the fort with Jason keeping the place looking immaculate. We chilled out front of the store and handed out staches to all those who couldn’t grow one in time.

When it was time to leave, we headed down Market street and rode along the water to Harbor Island. Super mellow route. I guess Rob biffed it on a patch of gravel and glass. He’ll make it though. I think everyone rode on to The Spot to see Vampire but I got side tracked with James planning a race course on the piers.. We had probably about an hour long conversation about creativity breeding creativity and just how possible races COULD be with our connections.

So stoked for the next few months. The stars have aligned so much, they’re beginning to blink.

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