^^^ This is the route I rode.^^^

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Coronado is a resort style, ‘island’ community that was founded in 1885  in the San Diego Harbor.

It has been referenced as one of the most expensive places to live in the United States. You can only drive over the bridge to get there, or take the ferry. Coronado has always been a tease because from downtown, its not even a mile away, but if you are going to ride your bike, it’s about 20 miles one way around the harbor just to get there.

Once you get there, it’s an entirely different world. Coronado is the Montauk / Sausalito of San Diego. Suuuuper nice everything, no grime, and the whole city seems to shut down after ten pm. Fancy this, fancy that and the average house costs $1.1M… Needless to say, it’s a little out of my price range so I don’t go there that often.

I had to cruise over to Coronado for something so I told myself I’d do a test route and see just how well the Bayshore Bikeway was. I took the bus to Coronado cause I’m a wimp, then rode the 20 miles or so back. The route down Silver Strand, around the harbor, and back up to downtown is pretty awesome. I actually biffed it in the beginning cause I wasn’t paying attention and there was sand on the path. Luckily my camera, which was in my hands, didn’t break! There is a pretty secluded, two lane, designated bike route that runs along the entire strand, and then wraps around the harbor. There are a few parts where it gets pretty confusing on which way the route goes but regardless, it’s pretty smooth sailing. The road in front of the shipyards / base just south of the bridge are I feel, some of the worst in all of San Diego. Seriously people, be careful on those streets. I didn’t even stop for a photo cause I was so sketched out and just wanted to get home!

Good ride fer sher. I can totally see this being a rad ride to go from downtown to Coronado and back!

Gonna do it again on April 13th in the a.m. with some friends if anyone wants to join..

IMG_0918 copy

Swear I didn’t do this. Just took a photo of it.

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