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First night of TNR (Tuesday Night Races) was last night at the San Diego Velodrome.

Let me tell you a story real quick.

Last season at the Velodrome, I ended up only going the last night of the race season. It was so chill, no one informed me it was the last night, and at the time I was pretty out of the loop with Velodrome stuff. Totally honest, I don’t know hardly anything about different divisions and classes and what not but I do like going to the races and chilling. So I went the last night of the race season, went home and told ma lady all about it and we decided to go the following week only to show up to an empty velodrome. Yeah.

So needless to say, I’ve been anticipating the return of TNR. So to kind of celebrate, we whipped up the VELO-ROAM where all the “AWLF’s” just meet up right outside the entrance to the velodrome and then ROAM around. We ended up roaming up to Rosie O’ Gradys to say whats up to a fellow WLF.

Let’s do it again next week? Let’s ride somewhere else though. Any ideas??

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