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EVERY TUESDAY NIGHT from now until when Velodrome season ends, there will be a VELOROAM after!

It’s way too much fun and it’s not like you’ve got anything better to do.

We just hang out in the stands, then after the races are over, we’ll ROAM some where. No pre set place, kind of planned the night. I think we should do a different spot every week just to keep it interesting. We should NOT do a bar sometime too. Let’s GRUB! We roamed over to Live Wire. I hadn’t been there since the night of my 21st a few years back so it was actually kind of nostalgic for me. Like that last photo says, “Live Wire – Cold Beer & Warm Friends”. Fer sher.

Oh, and there is a geocache under the beat up bike out front. DONT TAKE IT. Just go find it!


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