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Thursday is the new Friday!

We started at the usual Old Trolley Barn Park, then headed down our secluded route along the edge of the hill which looks over Mission Valley. The moon was shining all up in the sky with the really awesome ‘hazy’ shell around it. It was great and you could see Saturn right above it as well. Apparently there was a lunar eclipse tonight also, but we were unfortunately on the wrong side of the globe to see it.

We popped back out on to Adams then went left on Park and headed downtown to meet up with some homies who got TWO BAGS of cookies from the cookie store in Seaport Village! They were hanging out at this gazebo which turned in to a PERFECT area for a track stand and foot down comp. THINGS GOT INTENSE QUICK! A lot of people got in on the action and before I knew it, I was screaming orders to a track stand competition! Never done that before and its honestly kind of weird but MAN that was fun!

We had a ton of fun hanging out there then headed out to a better lit spot so we could toss the Frisbee around. We tried to play Frisbee Basketball and no one could make it in the basket until RANDY out of no where sinks one PERFECTLY and we all fliiiiiipped out. Then I realized I actually got a sequence of the Frisbee going in. Seriously Randy, thanks for making that probably one of my favorite sequences EVER EVER. Still can’t believe it man..

We did one more little ride over to a dock by the Coronado Bridge and then that’s when I cut out.

TEIAM. There are a lot of things going on with THEAWAREWOLFS and I can not thank you all enough for coming out on these rides. The rides ALWAYS are a fun night but tonight was EPIC. I haven’t had that much fun on a ride probably EVER. Someone said thanks to me for planning such a fun night but really all I did was make a flyer.

YOU guys make it so fun. With that, if you guys ever have an idea for a game or something we could do on a ride, HOLLER!

This summer is seriously going to be insane. All the dates, and stars, and moons are lining up so perfectly.

Stay tuned everyone. There is going to be some really rad stuff coming up.. WATCH..


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