IMG_2364 copy

Tecate Madness started out with a track stand comp.

IMG_2459 copy IMG_2493 copy

Then there was a foot down comp where the riders had to circle around the two boxes in the center. Josh and Jakob ended up being the final two in the contest and as you can see, I managed to grab photographic evidence that Josh won! It was suuuuuper close.

IMG_2664 copy

IMG_2261 copy IMG_2640 copy  IMG_2681 copy IMG_2733 copy

Throughout the entire event there were ramps set up and those willing, shredded hard. We took the tricks out to the entrance to session the stairs also. That got nuts quick with all the spectators and a suuuuper slippery floor. You had to be super conscious of your traction on the tires cause there was that perfect layer of dust over the entire floor with slick tile right underneath it. Made for doing anything just that much harder.

Then the alleycat started..

IMG_2879 copy IMG_2905 copy IMG_2911 copy  IMG_3025 copy

These kids have riding in Tecate DIALED.

I was having a hard time just riding from the border to the contest. Riding in Tecate is not like riding in the US. The lanes hardly exist, the drivers don’t care, the roads are super super bumpy, and stray DOGS could get in your way. These kids mashed around Tecate as fast as they could and placed in the race. There must have been close to 30 riders in the race!

Thanks Tecate Fixed, thanks Tecate!


Wichi, when’s SAN DIEGO MADNESS??



  1. Alley Cat was CRAAAAZY! Crazy uphills and even crazier drivers! Got 6th at the end of the day, wasn’t bummed at all! Had a super fun time!

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