IMG_2244 copy

Before we even GOT to the event, the homies down the block flagged us down and started FEEEEEEEDING us Tecates. I heard once that no one in Tecate drinks Tecate. WRONG. That stuff flows like water there. I saw Tecate ads and signs and such EVERYWHERE. What was also funny is a lot of the locals weren’t just drinking cans of Tecate, they were drinking TALL cans of Tecate! IMG_2352 copy

BOOTHBY. Check out the foot placement. Thats THROUGH the frame.

IMG_2822 copy

Boothby again with a fakie bar.IMG_2368 copy

Lucas, the homie who drove me down to Tecate, did the trackstand contest. By this point he was probably about 6 beers deep. His keys were on his pants and Marcus snuck up behind him and clipped them to his wheel. If Lucas rolled at all, the keys would stop him. Lucas had nooooo idea this happened. IMG_2785 copy

^^^Thats Lucas and thats how much fun he had in Tecate.


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