Yesterday evening I had the pleasure of sitting in on a planning meeting with Martha Roskowski, the Director of The Green Lane Project at Bikes Belong Coalition.

Bikes Belong is essentially offering San Diego a chance to jump on board The Green Lane Project next year. Our mayor, Filner, said he WOULD apply. I’ll believe it when I see it but he did seem to support this project. There are currently six cities where Bikes Belong has implemented The Green Lane Project and coming up THIS FALL we have a chance to team up with them. The Green Lane Project is all about getting NEW people on bikes by making protected bike lanes through out major areas of busy cities.

They feel that there are 4 types of riders :

<1% – Strong and fearless riders

7% – Enthused and confident riders

33% – No way no how they’ll get on a bike

60% – Interested but concerned before they’ll ride.

TEIAM. On a real note,

If we are “America’s Finest City”, why in the world do so few commute by bike? Did you know that fewer than 2% of trips here are done by bike? Why is that? Maybe its cause our streets are pretty unsafe. We have “bike lanes”, white stripes painted next to the curbs, but even I, a fairly seasoned rider, know that these are hardly an excuse for safety. Citizens here hardly even know what SHARROWS are.

“Demographics is destiny”.

In 2001, 16-34 year olds drove 10,300 miles on average.

In 2009, they drove an average of 7,000 miles.

We youngins would rather pay for iPhones than a car.

The way we can all show support for The Green Lane Project is simple. Two things. One, RIDE. All the time. Just get out there and ride a bike. Two, let your council members know. Contact them, get involved, email them whatever I don’t care.

We have a huge opportunity here guys. We hardly have crosswalks downtown, let alone bike lanes. San Diego has sooooo much we could improve on. We do have some great secluded bike paths like the Rose Canyon Path, and the Bayshore Bike Route, but through our congested areas like downtown, we can do better.

Something else I’d ask of you, RESPECT THE ROAD.

There are RULES. I know its a rush and so much easier to just blow through lights and such but really? You have GOT to respect the road. It is the only way drivers, non-riders, and council members will respect US. No one wants to help out that dick who flipped them off cause they were turning and you blew right by them.

Respect and the roads we ride on are two lanes (or more) and its the only way we can get our own lane.


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