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^^Check out the brakes on this chariot!

A few weeks ago I stopped by North Park Bikes, a newer bike shop in the heart of North Park. This area is hipsterville central and this bike shop is hitting the demographic perfectly. Affordable bikes for kids to get out riding. The location seems primo and I had heard of Eddie the owner, so I wanted to get the scoop on the shop straight from the source. I sent him a few questions and here is what he had to say about the shop :

How long ago did you start North Park Bikes? About 4 months ago
How long have you been in the bike business / riding bikes? I’ve been working for bike shops for about 10 years and I’ve been riding since I could walk… just kidding…
What is your favorite ride to do in San Diego? anywhere, I’m just happy to be on my bike.
Do you consider this your dream job? I love what I do now, so I guess yes.
What is your goal with North Park Bikes? Just to have a good neighborhood bike shop where anybody can come and we will work on their bike.
What do you feel sets you apart from other bike shops in San Diego? I don’t know there a lot of great bikes shops in San Diego.
What is North Park Bikes hours and location?  We are open 11 to 8 six days a week, we are closed on Sundays

And there you have it.
Link up with North Park Bikes on FB : HERE

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