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Awhile back, Marc, the first person to ever order something from AWLF internationally, hit me up saying he got an HED trispoke wheel and was wondering if I had any stickers I could send him. I’ve long noticed the the HED logo looks like a stretched out AWLF logo so my wheels got spinnin. I wanted to do something RAD for this guy and sending him just some ‘run o the mill’ stickers was out o the question.

Two weeks and 50 emails later, we ended up settling on this.

These decals will fit pretty perfect on any rim with a 2.5 inch or taller rim wall. They also come in white or black. One set includes 6 stickers which is enough for one wheel.

Looks pretty rad I think. Looks REALLY rad actually. (even look at how the valve stem fits!)

If you feel the same, CLICK HERE.

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