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BIKELIDS. The ULTIMATE bicycle thief deterrent.

This ONE was installed in Downtown San Diego. Bikelids are 100% made in the great state of Idaho. The site says it’s super easy to use and the wave of the future. Maybe it is.. It sure seems excessive to me though. I get the idea, but.. I mean, you still have to use your own lock which is the thing thieves cut soo.. I don’t know about this.. I do dig the fact that two bikes fit in one and there is a bar IN the lid so you can double lock your whip up if you feel that that is necessary.

What do you think?

One thought on “BIKELIDS

  1. Not sure they improve security against determined thieves (perhaps they would discourage opportunists though?) But I have known people who don’t like using public bike racks where their bikes may get rained on!

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