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The megaphone broke on the ride over which was a major bummer.. but I’m sure it can be revived..

30+ of us met up at Old Trolley Barn Park and we rode QUICK to Balboa Park where I was thinking everyone would want to make a stop but believe it or not, we actually kept riding! We headed back up the hill and somehow the pack got split up but just when it looked liked everyone was all over the place, I rounded a corner and EVERYONE was waiting in a group for ME. I guess I was the one lagging hahaha Sorry TEIAM. We then rode around the ever gorgeous and ever secluded and ever amazing Moon View Mountain View Loop then stopped to get some stuff for the bonfire.

Some of the group went to the house to get the fire going, but the other half of us went down the street to get some footdown fire going! We played three rounds while Acamonchi stood in the center of us BLASTING Slayer on his Osiris G-Bag! It definitely made footdown INTENNNSSSE. We rode in suuuuper tight, FAST circles and then on the last round, hands and feet could come off! Randy won and we all rolled back to the house to celebrate such an amazing night!

Thanks to the hosts for letting us have such an awesome bonfire! Such a great night cap.

Thanks to everyone who came out! Thanks TEIAM!

Next one will be on Sunday June 23rd.. Lets play a LOT of footdown..

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