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(^^^that’s a hand made wall bike mount that The Recyclery San Diego offers.)

The Recyclery San Diego is cleeeean.

Louie and James, the dudes who run The Recyclery San Diego were on the most recent DDDT. They were telling me all about it and really hyping it up, but letting me know it’s pretty small. It was waaaaaay more awesome than I was expecting! I was expecting a grimy shop, the size of a closet, tubes dangling from the rafters, and old haunted bikes. Nope. They occupy one little (LITTLE) office of a really big warehouse. The warehouse is a converted bakery with a lot of really awesome art work / furniture / a coffee bar / recording studios / a wood shop. Just pretty much anything creative you need to do can be done there. It’s insane. The shop is open on an appointment only base and they offer great custom bike builds at super reasonable prices.

Check this out,

On the Thursday before Critical Mass because they do a really rad ride. This is what they do : they open up the shop from like 7-9 on the Thursday before CM, offer free tune ups during this time, then go out for mellow roll down to Sea Port Village to get cookies and milk.

No joke. Awesome huh?

Cruise HERE to check them out! They’ll be doing a Critical Cookie on the 30th..

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