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When I typed in ‘gmos’, the first two things google recommends is that they are ‘good’ and ‘safe’.. IDK man doesn’t sound like it..

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No matter what political party you are, you eat. If you eat, this affects you. Also, if you eat, you might go to grocery stores. If you go to grocery stores, you get a lot of choices. The choices, should be safe to consume. If products in these choices have been shown dangerous to consume, you should at least be warned with a label. If products in these choices have been shown dangerous to consume, why is it available as ‘food’?

So what happened to our food? How did this even happen? Who the hell is in charge here? Well that’s all finger pointing and political-ness that I don’t have the time / energy / or knowledge for. I do have the time / energy / knowledge to exercise a change that starts at the bottom. Down here at the bottom, I go to grocery stores to buy food. I’d love to know that everything that is deemed FOOD, is safe and non-toxic. Wouldn’t you?


Let consumers know about the dangers in their ‘food’.

Let grocery stores know what kind of products you want.

Let the government kno- ah who am I kidding?

They don’t care about you..

Oh, AND the March For Monsanto was more than a day. The march is still going, its just in your choices.


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