Neither about awareness or bikes. Just a story of a bachelor party.

IMG_5588 copy

27 year old Jack vs a new bottle.

IMG_5766 copy


We went to Tehachapi CA for Rusty’s bachelor party.

Most people will call Tehachapi the middle of nowhere. Most people who live there are involved in trucking, agriculture, or work at the near by prison. The drive took about 6 hours or so and by the time we set up camp, a LOT of drinks were in order. We cracked brews and also some Jack Daniels then it got insane..

After it got pitch black and all you couldn’t see was nothing, a way down the way from our campsite, we heard a drum circle. Frankie and I went to go inspect and as we were walking, someone started walking towards us with their flashlight. This lady wearing fur, who popped out the bushes all sketchy, asked us who we were and if we knew what was going on. I said no and when I asked her what was going on, she wouldn’t tell us. We asked if we could just observe and she kind of huffed at the idea but led us to the drum circle.

Ok, picture 40 Phylis’ from The Office and their husbands. All of them wearing super bizarre outfits and talking about who knows what. She stops them all and declares, “This is Charlie and Frankie. Just so you know, they heard your drums. Do we let them in?!” Everyone said yeah and then invited us to bang on our seats or something. After about five minutes or so, we were offered a bull’s HORN with pomegranate wine. After about almost an hour long lecture about how straight guys like us are the scum of the earth at Burning Man, we had had enough and made our way back to camp. Still don’t know what they were all about and the random group of children present really threw us off.

We got back to camp and then Kyle ran away..

IMG_5724 copy

No Kyle since 1:07AM. It’s now 5:22AM.

IMG_5731 copy

5:45AM – Found Kyle.

So we get back to camp at maybe 12 or so, have a few more drinks and as we are trying to get to bed, Kyle just RUNS AWAY. He just ran. Like, RAN. In to the forest, pitch black, no flashlight. We called out to him and he screamed back. We ran towards where we thought we heard him scream and called out to him again. He screamed back. We ran closer towards where we thought we heard him scream and could not for the life of us find him.

Was he hurt? Did a bear snatch him up? Where the hell is he? We can’t even see 10 feet in front of us and we have lights so we know he can’t see annnything. We SCOURED the entire camp ground – EVERYWHERE for about 2 hours and Kyle didn’t turn up. At about 3AM we ended up calling the cops. The cops were just about to call Search and Rescue at 5:30AM but then THERE HE WAS. Apparently, behind a bush, sleeping soundly, about a mile and a half away..

We woke up eventually and went into town to shoot pool. The only other guy playing pool HEARD ABOUT KYLE! This old man, when he found out we were camping, he said “Wait, didn one a y’all get lost last night?” Turns out, at like 4AM, he got asked by cops if anyone had seen Kyle. We were mini celebrities in this town after one night…

To blow off some steam, we shot guns.

IMG_5904 copy

Gunnin over one of the largest economies in the world.

IMG_5882 copy


IMG_5883 copy

More gunnin.

IMG_5958 copy

Just as dangerous as it looks.

IMG_5970 copy


One of the main planned events for the trip was to go shooting. We went on the most insane drive just to GET to the shooting range. Up and over the gnarliest mountains and grimiest roads lined with ELK. It was so nuts too that even one of the drivers’ hub caps, melted off from the brake heat / sun heat. We get to shoot for about an hour and even the Ranger even got in on it and shot our Weatherby.

Then we headed to Pop’s house.

IMG_5994 copy

Pop’s castle.

IMG_6034 copy

No homo.

IMG_6097 copy

All the fingers and toes.

Headed back to pops’ house where we had more brews, and said some kind (and not so kind) words about the groom. Slept out on the porch under the smoke filled skies and in the morning after some breakfast, we headed home with everyone we came with.



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