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What in the world was up with all the flats?! I think there were 4? I kind of lost track. All good though. Great time nonetheless.

We met up at Chicano Park under the Coronado Bridge and got heckled by the homeless person tribe from the adjacent bushes. Apparently there are some super territorial homeless dudes who totally respect the sign that says no bikes allowed. They tried kicking us out then retreated to the bushes to ‘urban camp’.

There was a really good turn out; about maybe 30ish or so. After fixing a flat at the meetup, we rolled out at about 8:30. The SUPERmoon was barely peeking out of the clouds on our ride but man it huge when you could see it. The cloud cover was a little too much and was only barely out when we first took off unfortunately. Randy helped lead us on a suuuuper secret route through this pedestrian tunnel up to Dennis Allen Park. This park is in a really bad area of town and I was kind of worried we would get the cops called on us right away but we ended up having a full on party / debate / heart2heart on the picnic tables.

After we chilled for awhile we headed down to secret pier for the footdown fest.

3 rounds : 3 winners : one final round to determine 1st 2nd and 3rd.

About maybe 15 people got in on the action and it all boiled down to the final three. The last round was intense as the riders could hardly even turn around in the circle. It was pretty much a trackstand contest with three people in a 6×6 area!  The winners got hooked up with some Knog lights, State Bicycle Co gear, Tecate Fixed swag, Gutter Butter wax, and AWLF threads!

Was a good night TEIAM. Thank you sooo much to all that came out. We are all building a really rad bike group here in San Diego. Something that this city is totally lacking. Lets all work together to make these rides and any other rides worth it!

The next FMBR will be on July 22nd, a Monday. Mark your calendars and get the day off work. SERIOUSLY. You don’t need me to tell you when the next ride is. Just google full moon calendar and mark your calendars ❤


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