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Tuesday Night Races at the San Diego Velodrome were rad as they consistently are.

If you’ve never been to the velodrome, you are missing out. Track racing and the etiquette involved, is like no other sport out there. I’ve never raced on the track and it seems every week I’m learning more and more about just how the track works. Tuesdays are the highlight of my week for sure.

We met up after the races and Nate’s dog, Tortilla, was triiiiipping out. She just kept digging and biting the grass in one area. She was after something but I mean, she was like REALLY going at it!

We rode way faster than normal up to Adams, then through the Mountain View route over to 35th, then over to the backyard for a bonfire. We ended up playing some really intense hangman until about 1AM!

Good game TEIAM.

See you next Tuesday.. <–(hahah get it?)

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