Tim from Das Rad Klub threw together a ‘The Awarewolfs inspired’ FMBR in BRISTOL ENGLAND! He had this to say about the ride :

“On monday evening we put on a new event, the first of our Full Moon Bike Rides. These are inspired by our friends from San Diego, The Awarewolfs, who have been doing this for a while. The name of the game is for a pack of riders to gather under the full moon for a casual paced ride around the city. We were stoked to have 35 riders attended on Monday, our ride starting at 9pm in Millenium Square, taking on a street lit 8 mile route, finally ending up back at Millenium Square where everyone hung out, drank beers & ate ice-cream under the full moon well into the night.”

– Tim from Das Rad Klub


PERFECT. Sounds exactly like how the rides over here go down too..

Thanks again Das Rad Klub!

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