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What a great turn out for Critical Cookies!

We all met up at Revolver, which is basically a big warehouse / venue / offices / the Recyclery SD is there / it’s just nothing like you’ve ever seen before. All this great art was displayed up on the walls and a DJ was spinnin jams off in the corner while all of us got our whips tuned up by James and Louie. Total head count was 25 I think and when we left we BOLTED down to the cookie shop to ensure we got there before they closed. Normally, the cookie shop gives the riders all the broken cookies but since there were so many of us, we needed more than just the broken ones. I think Louie picked up 24 cookies and all the broken ones and once we got to the chilling spot, they were GONE.

We chilled at the gazebo for awhile and then we took off towards the new Stone Brewing restaurant. First though, a few brave souls took a dip into the water. They jumped off a pedestrian bridge which was a good 30-40 feet above the water, in the dark, no towels, even one person did it in PANTS! After the dip, we got to Stone and they were super nice enough to accommodate all of us even though the kitchen was closed for the evening.

All in all, great game! Thanks for the hospitality Louie and James and everyone else who helped make this ride happen.

The Recyclery SD does this ride every Thursday before Critical Mass so if you wanna join in, holler at them here! :


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