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There is no better feeling than getting home after a group ride like this one.

Let me tell you about the ride then I’ll tell you why I feel that way..

A solid group met up at the fountain in Balboa Park at around 6pm to head out on a trek to the Full Moon Drive In. We rode down Washington St., through Old Town, and then West down the San Diego River Bike Path to merge with a second group that was meeting at the OB Skate Park. A good 10 miles or so. When the two groups assembled, we rolled out to the Drive In. Once we got there, we infiltrated the chairs, quickly got some free popcorn, and posted up for The Smurfs 2 and The Wolverine. The Full Moon Drive In had 30-40 chairs set up as well as speakers so that we could watch the double feature in comfort.

A little after 8pm and after the sun had set for the day, the first film started. It got chilly quick and I was thankful I brought along a pancho blanket and some extra layers. Sitting in the cold, by the ocean in the dark, for about 4 hours will make anyone a little chilly. Sure it doesn’t get THAT cold here in San Diego, but those conditions can be obnoxious. Watching two movies, wrapped in layers all comfy cozy will make you sleepy. Knowing that even after the second film is over you still have to ride all the way home in the damp air, sucks. Getting some grub to warm you up on the way home then crawling in to your bed after a hot shower to wash all the grime off IS the best feeling EVER.

The feeling of camaraderie these rides bring, can’t be described through a screen but I will do my best. Rolling up somewhere with 25+ riders, having a blast together wherever we decide to post up, and then enduring the elements on the ride home while the rest of the city is asleep is best picture I can paint for you in words. These experiences are some of the funnest times I’ve ever had in my entire life. Such a care-free environment and everyone is so accepting on these rides.

TEIAM, we got something amazing going on here.

Thank you so much everyone who came out to this ride. Thank you so much to everyone who has ever came out on these rides. You all are always welcome on these things. Bring a friend or two next time too!

Thanks FULL MOON DRIVE IN for letting us be a part of the Drive In!

We’ll have to do this again some time..


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