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Jessica Stephens, known around these parts as Messy Jessie’s, offers her bicycle knowledge and resources at various locations throughout San Diego. Messy Jessie’s sets up at the Hillcrest, OB, and Golden Hill Farmer’s Markets. The goal is to get you to your local farmer’s market by bike. She does just that by setting up a booth along with a complimentary bike valet to make your trip easy. She can tune up your bike or you can pick up some locally sourced bike art along with other bicycle essentials. She also leads a couple ‘hands on’ bicycle maintenance classes. One at Itsa Bike Shop, and the other at Brooklyn Bikes.

Jessica is also trying to raise funds to start a full on school.

Not just any school though. She’s trying to start a bike school.

Bike school? Yep. The idea is awesome. The school will offer afterschool programs that teach bike mechanics to middle school and high schoolers. The school will take donated bikes, assess their needs, fix them, and get them out to people in shelters, youth programs, and other organizations that could benefit from having them.

Currently no one is doing anything like this here in San Diego. This is not only beneficial for the students who complete these classes, this program will have an environmental impact. The school will be working on donated bicycles and the bikes that get refurbished will be donated to shelters across San Diego. The school will provide those less fortunate with transportation.

How could you not want to support this? If anything, just spread the word.

Check out her video and please please PLEASE spread the word!


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