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The full moon is this Tuesday and from now til then, this T shirt design is 50% off.

At check out, just enter code : FMBR

Here is a little background on why this design is the way it is and the meaning behind it all :

“The first ever AWLF FULLMOON BIKERIDE took place over three years ago. My tattoo artist, Ben Treichel (@bentreicheltattoo) was one of the ones who has always been down with AWLF since its inception. While designing the newest line, I realized that I had logos for every ride under the AWLF name except the most popular one; the Full Moon Bike Ride. I asked Ben to draw a FMBR image and my only guidelines were that “the wolf needs to be AN AWARE wolf. Not a WAREwolf”.

This is what he came up with and I could be more appreciative and thankful.

It fully encompasses our spirit on the FMBRs. A little grimy, aware, and riding quick under the moonlight. Notice how the wolf is looking over his shoulder? He knows how to ride and he’s riding AWARE.

So now you know and that’s half the battle.

– Charlie

Check out the T here : Its’ 50% off til 5/21


Oh, and there is a FMBR on Tuesday night! You should cruise out.

This is the original image Ben drew :


Pretty rad huh?

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