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“I hope I come off as a humble person.

In person, I’m a big time introvert and consider myself pretty socially awkward in large groups. In those kind of situations, I quiet up and turn in to a total wallflower. About two years ago, I picked up a camera; a Canon T3i. I had never owned a real camera and thought it would be a good thing to invest in. I started bringing it out on the rides and documenting them. There were angles and lines and shadows that I would see that really popped out to me and the way that my camera would capture it all was so fun. I was hooked. I had never considered photography a hobby and then I did what most photographers do and I started showing my pictures to people.

The way I show them to people is through THEAWAREWOLFS.

No one could ever explain how fun the rides we do are. Even when our rides get riddled with flat tires, we’re still laughing the entire time while enjoying each others company. Me being an introvert, with a camera in my hand that I’m still learning on, surrounded by a bunch of people, provides me with a perfect opportunity to wallflower off to the side and snap photos of everyone.

The rides are nothing with out you.

That is why this design has an I in team. The I in this team is YOU.

Seriously though. The rides keep getting bigger and bigger and it’s all because YOU come out on the ride or YOU simply ‘like’ something on the AWLF facebook or instagram so someone else might happen to stumble across THEAWAREWOLFS. You are what I’m counting on to help keep AWLF going. I can’t thank everyone enough for all the love and support I’ve gotten for doing THEAWAREWOLFS. I don’t ever plan on stopping AWLF. It’s turned in to my artistic outlet and at times consumes me and my free time but I wouldn’t change anything about it.”

– Charlie

Check out the TEAIM AWLF gear : HERE

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