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“I’m really skinny. Like, 6’2” and a size 29 waist skinny.

I’ve been a vegetarian for about six years now and cycle every every every every day of my life. I’ve tried to bulk up and I even used to lift weights  but I never ever saw any difference in my body build. I’ve been this way for a very long time. When I was younger, I had to buy a size large or xl shirt then my mom would have to take in the sides. Other wise my shirt would just wave around all in the back and look super sloppy. Once I got a bit older, and probably about the time I was about to move out, I realized that my mom – and her sewing machine – wouldn’t always be in the same house as me and that I should probably learn how to sew in my own shirts. Sew I did.

For the next few years, that is all I used my sewing machine for. JUST taking in the sides of shirts. I had been around the ‘fashion industry’ for awhile and I’d always look at the detail of how garments are constructed and just be simply amazed. Then it dawned on me. These ‘designers’ are all making the same stuff with the same machine that I use only to sew my shirts in. If they can do it, I can too.

So I made a wallet.

Its a simple wallet. It is just big enough to hold about 10-15 business cards and some cash. Just the essentials. All you really need at any given time. Why you still rocking that velcro-flap wallet thing or that big bulky one with every receipt you’ve ever got in it still? I swear on our friendship that you will never ever be somewhere thinking to yourself, ‘I wish I still had all those Extra Care cards and past receipts.’ All you ever will need is cash and some cards. I SWEAR.

Guess what cousin, you’re in luck. Cause in the AWLF store there is a simple wallet that is all handmade here in San Diego by myself and I hope it will be the most simple wallet you will ever own. This is my first attempt at hand making and distributing anything at all ever so thanks for ever checking it out. If you’ve bought one in the past, hows it holding up? I’ve had my same one for the past year and it is still kicking just fine.”

Check the wallets : HERE

One of the old styles even got featured on PEDAL CONSUMPTION. Check THAT out : HERE

– charlie

The wallet below is my personal wallet. I’ve used it daily for well over a year now and its holding up just fine. I sewed on an extra pocket on the outside to fit my MOO MINI business cards. If you order a wallet and would like this pocket, just say so in the ‘notes’ section during checkout. No extra charge at all cause MOO is of the utmost rad. –

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