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Communication is KEY.

If you’re falling back, LET PEOPLE KNOW.

If you got a flat, LET PEOPLE KNOW.

and especially if

the pack is going too fast for you, LET PEOPLE KNOW!

With that said, SUPER super sorry to anyone and everyone who got dropped.

The people leading have a general idea of people behind them but the people in the back need to let the front know of anything.


This ride was intended and marketed from the beginning to be a QUICK ride..


Thanks to everyone who came out though. Had some heads from Escondido and San Clemente show up which was rad.

Get stoked for the FULLMOON BIKERIDE on the 19th!

(The FMBR is a GROUP RIDE. Much much slower than the BSBR.)

There will be one in San Diego, Bristol England, annnnnnnd LAS VEGAS!


If you have any advice or comments or ideas or whatever on how you feel we could effectively stick together on a fast paced ride like the one last night, we’d love to hear your thoughts..

email :

SRSLY! It’s pretty hard to corral 15 riders going 30mph..

speak your peace:

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