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I know I know.

This bike, the State Bicycle Co. Contender, isn’t designed for a front rack.

( know that I know this. )

This rack was designed for State’s City Bikes.

For me though, this front rack helps out. ALOT.

See, I ride to and from work daily, always have camera gear on me, and often have to commute with orders or supplies for screenprinting.

It absolutely doesn’t help my handling and maneuverability, but it sure helps lighten a load in the backpack.

The pay off is having my camera in the rack and very accessible. Like today, when I went on a cruise and stumbled across this wall. Whipped the camera out right quick, snapped some photos, tucked the camera back in, and off I went.


Plus, this rack makes me ride a little slower and cautious which I bet my mom appreciates.

Check it out : HERE

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