Clif fountain.


Such a clean finish.


Jesse, myself, and Nick all up on the Protect booth.


Whaaa? Protect has some rad cycling helmets coming out with built in lights. Stay tuned!


Favorite seats in the building.


DREAM BIKE. Wood bars, that bell, rose gold parts, double top tube WITH lugs.. UGH


Animal’s booth was on the 34th floor of the Mandalay Bay.


Skavenger posted up in the Animal suite.

There is way too much to see at Interbike and me trying to tell you about it over the Internet isn’t going to have the same effect as seeing the product in person. I’m not gonna bore you with specs and details of products you may not even like.

These are just a few of the things seen out there that I thought you might find interesting.

Animal’s booth was on the 34th floor of the Mandalay Bay. Why is Animal’s booth up in the 34th floor?

A booth at Interbike is serious $. The cost is just absolutely insane. In the past few years, a few companies have had ‘secret booths’ in the hotel of Interbike as opposed to the showroom floor. What happens is a super intimate and awesome representation of the company and their products for waaaaaay less than the cost of a booth.

This year, Animal / Skavenger went this route.

Rone gave us a flyer for the booth and we cruised up later on in the day. Once we got there, there were probably 15 people or so just chilling in this suite. The freshest Animal / Skavenger products were displayed, free drinks were had while watching the Deadline video which had everyone floored.

I grew up riding BMX and Animal has always been one of my favorite brands. Animal used to hand out flyers telling you that their secret booth was somewhere on the showroom floor. You’d get there and it would just be some dude with a duffel bag full of the new Animal gear. This year, seeing this ‘secret Animal booth’ up in the Mandalay Bay, was one of the raddest things I encountered at Interbike. It’s so sick to see how far they have come and they got no where to go but up in the BMX industry.

Creativity > showing off your $ on the showroom floor!

Here’s a few of the Finals of the US Crit Series which took place before the FMBR / King of Vegas Race :

IMG_6705 IMG_6717 IMG_6765 IMG_6816

After the Cross Vegas Race, we cruised across the street for a skatepark sesh and also checked out Las Vegas Bike Polo!

Upon reviewing the photos, I noticed a bike with an AWLF sticker on it then realized it was a homie from San Diego out in Las Vegas representin!

IMG_6621 IMG_6632 IMG_6635 IMG_6636 IMG_6608


Got to Double Down and totally missed the Urban Cycling Hall of Fame.

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