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I first got to check out Cross Vegas back about 4 er 5 years ago during Interbike. We were shredding a skatepark across the street and just happened to stumble upon Cross Vegas, the biggest cyclocross race in the world. Every year at Interbike I’ve tried to check it out again but never had a chance. This year though, I made it a point to go check it out and also see what Knog is up to cause they didn’t have a booth on the Interbike showroom floor, just at Cross Vegas.

The course is insane. Just absolutely mind-blowingly huge.

Cross Vegas takes over the Desert Breeze Sports Complex and thousands of spectators were there. Sierra Nevada kept fans happy with their brews that if you looked in the right places, you could score for free : )

Knog had their booth set up and they got some really rad stuff coming out soon.

IMG_6287 IMG_6256 IMG_6249 IMG_6601

Super stoked to see all the lights and gear Knog has going on. The Blinders are looking LEGIT. Leah and Brian, Knog’s reps were super chill and answered all the questions spectators had. Brian even raced in Cross Veags!

Thanks Knog for the good time out at Cross Vegas!

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