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Met up under the Luxor Obelisk or, needle tower thing. PERFECT spot to meet up. On the strip but off the strip enough and plenty of room for the 50+ of us to hang out and pre-game before the race. Good thing cause the race was supposed to start at 10 but ended up not happening until about midnight cause a big crit race was going on right down the street. Cops came and everyone thought that we’d get shut down and kicked out but they were super chill and let us do our thing and just told us to be safe.

Check out all the details of who won and what not on Trafik’s site : HERE

Unfortunately, since the KOV race got pushed back so late, the FMBR didn’t really go according to planned..

Had an entire route planned but seeing as it was pushin 3AM, everyone just raced and spent all day at the show, doing a ride sounded absolutely exhausting. I announced that we would be cruising up the strip and that a group of all of us should roll out. About 15 of us left and mobbed up the strip. Riders branched off and headed back home or to their hotel room to rest up for the final day of Interbike.

Good game though everyone.

An AWLF inspired FMBR has happened in San Diego, Bristol, Tempe, Kentucky, and now LAS VEGAS.

Where should an AWLF FMBR happen next??

speak your peace:

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