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State had the ever rad Wu Tang bike on display as well as a super sexy one off of the Undefeated.

The Wu bike was designed closely with State and is a representation of how State likes to pay respect to street legends. This year represents the 20th anniversary of Wu doing what Wu does best and that is just simply best – being Wu. They paved the way for many different outlets of street culture, very similar to how State has infiltrated the cycling scene.

The Undefeated is State’s creme de la creme and they had a one of a kind Undefeated at their booth.

Below is a rant about my opinion of the Undefeated :

I’ve been riding the State Contender for the past six months or so and seriously have not one complaint. I’ve ridden that thing at LEAST 10 miles EVERY day to and from work. I’ve also led ALL the FMBR’s, DDDTs, Veloroams, Bayshore Bikerides and even rode the 230 miles from Santa Barbara to San Diego in ONE DAY on the Contender. I haven’t upgraded ANYTHING on my bike except some different handlebars. Knowing all this, and seeing first hand that nothing has broken on my State in the past six months, I’ve really got my sights set on an Undefeated. I’d like to get a fast bike for when I clock in some serious miles and reserve my Contender for city riding. After seeing EVERYTHING at Interbike, knowing all the options, knowing first hand how well my Contender has lasted, why in the world would I not think about getting an Undefeated? Retailing at $945, I’m sure I’d be happy with the ride.

Starting to save for an Undefeated now. Kinda wish this rad neon was available as an option though!


  1. Should definitely make that colour scheme available! I’m currently saving for mine as well…shipping costs to Australia are a bit on the exy side though haha. Such a mint bike..

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