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First of all. Coffee & Tea Collective makes THE best coffee in San Diego.

I don’t care for iced coffee but even the iced coffee that was on tap was the best I’ve ever had.


So race season is over and that means that Veloroams are over. Lucas had been itchin to start a fast paced ride through the streets so he reached out to Coffee & Tea Collective and together they threw what will now be a weekly occurring FAST ride.

Just how fast was fast? FAST.

Even people that consistently keep up on AWLF rides were struggling apparently. Rumor has it that the route went to Fairmont then down through Mission Valley and over to Fiesta Island. After that I heard that the group went up Presidio. For those of you not familiar with SD, that’s pretty intense, not to mention they were doing it at like mach 50.

They’ll be doing the same thing next week if it sounds like something you’re in to!

Thanks Lucas and Coffee & Tea Collective!

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