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This is the homie Nick.

We met about two years ago. He’s from Tempe and moved out to San Diego to work for Leader. We became good homies when we both worked at Leader. Then we both got let go from Leader which forced both of us to pursue our artistic endeavors. We pushed each other to just keep on making moves no matter what.

My never ending endeavor is AWLF. His equivalent is Gutter Butter Wax.

Nick SELF TAUGHT himself how to make grind wax from scratch. Do you realize how insanely awesome that is? He straight up made a custom mold of a cassette tape, and learned how to properly make wax. On top of that, he also learned how to screen print and make buttons for his brand Gutter Butter. So all the products you see in his online store is straight up hand made by this dude. EVEN the wax.

He throws down super hard in the FGFS arena and also makes some trippy beats. Couple months ago he moved up to Long Beach and now is living at the Fixie Factory. Recently he cruised back down to SD and we went out to shoot a couple photos at this ledge.


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