Coffee in the AM. Water with lunch. Beer in the PM.

A lot of mornings when I grab my mornin cup of coffee, I’m on my bike. Although I’m alright at riding one handed, nothing frustrates me more than spilling even just SOME of my coffee all over my hands. The other morning I figured out this little trick :IMG_82891. So you got your cup.

IMG_83062. Put a lid on it.

IMG_83023. Put ANOTHER lid on it, with the mouth hole thing facing the other way.

IMG_83194. Doesn’t spill as easily now.

If this is like a well known thing, I apologize. TOTALLY new concept to me and hopefully a few others.

Pretty sure this doesn’t work with all lids. If you spill your coffee trying to do this, don’t come crying this way.

Now you know and that’s the battle.


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