IMG_8424 IMG_8401 IMG_8386 IMG_8382What a night.

At about 6pm I got to my workspace and fired out an order. My good friend J met up with me at the spot to ride together to the Bike SD gig. We swung by Old Trolley Barn Park to swoop up the homie Tom and off we went. While we were riding I asked the others which way we should get down the hill and J recommended Bachman St.

I’m always all for Bachman. Its super steep and windy with a horrible T intersection at the end but I commute it daily to work so I’m comfortable with it. I preceded to book it as fast as I could down the hill only to look back and see Tom running back up the hill.

Uh oh.

J had gone down and I knew it wasn’t good.

I know I was going probably close to 35-40mph so I was expecting the worst.

J got his front tire stuck in a pot hole ( Bachman is LITTERED with potholes ) and he lost control and wiped out. Luckily, at the top of the hill we just rode down, there is a hospital. By the time I got up to J, there were already probably 5 people around him all wearing scrubs and helping him way better than I could have. One lady was on the phone with 911 and an ambulance was en route.

J ended up with a broken collar bone, bruised rib, and a cracked helmet.



The Bike SD One Year Anniversary Party was great though! At least, what I got to experience. Tom and I got to Modern Times a little later than expected and I was a little shook from the last 20 minutes. I could tell that we had missed most of the event which was a bummer but hey, ACCIDENTS HAPPEN. They can happen any time.

Which is why I really need to wear a helmet more..


Keep J in your thoughts! Get well soon bud!

( I must say though that the one beer I had was AMAZING. I had the City of the Sun IPA. )

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