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This FMBR was EPIC!

40+ riders met up at Marston Point, a pretty secluded parking lot in the south west corner of Balboa Park which is RIGHT under the flight path of airplanes coming in to land at Lindbergh Field and also has a really great view of downtown.

After the little speech about the meaning of the full moon and how to ride safely on this ride, we headed out.

I completely forgot that the Haunted Trail was going on right down the street from where we met up and actually thought the street was closed that we had to go through. Nope. We had a super rad surprise! As we were slowly riding past all the people who had just gotten out of the Haunted Trail, some Haunted Trail worked started chasing us with a fake chainsaw! They normally chase people who just got out of the Haunted Trail but the worker saw us coming up and started waving his chainsaw at US! It was pretty rad and totally an awesome touch to start the ride off!

We took a right on 6th ave and cruised up to Robinson where we took another right. After we crossed Park, we turned left on Georgia St, which is a super steep uphill but with a rad payoff at the top. Georgia Street Bridge is the bridge that you normally go under when your bombing down University.. know what bridge I’m talking about? Yeah that bridge provides a super rad view of North Park to the West and Hillcrest to the East.

We had a little regroup session at The Boulevard Sign, then rode up to 35th and University on Howard Street. Once there, we grabbed out ‘sodas’ and headed back over to the San Diego Air and Space Museum for our TRACKSTAND COMP!

The comp was intended to be three rounds, three winners. The first two rounds went great but the third one took a little longer than expected cause no one could do the challenge! Sorry everyone!

So normally, its kinda like Simon Says. everyone is trackstanding and I’d say like, “right hand off” at which point you have to take your right hand off til instructed to put it back on. You get the idea I hope. Well, we decided that on the third round, everyone would have to have an item on the ground next to them and they had to bend over and pick it up. Sounds super simple but it’s actually pretty difficult to do. (don’t believe me? go try it right now) It’s possible of course, but def takes some practice. So we tried to do that challenge but no one could do it! haha Eventually we just did another round like the first two and Jeff ended up winning the last round.

Major major thank you to State Bicycle Co and Knog for flowing us some rad products for the winners! All winners got some AWLF stickers, Knog lights and patches, and a State koozie, deck of cards, and stickers. They also got to pick between a Knog lock, gloves, hat or a wallet. DANG RIGHT? All this gear for TRACKSTANDS?! You AWLFs are spoiled šŸ™‚

Thanks so much again State and Knog. Also, a bigger thank you to everyone who came out on the ride! The rides are nothing without YOU so from the bottom of the AWLF heart, THANK YOU.

This Friday 10/25, we got some wild stuff planned and would love for you to join us! INFO : HERE

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